SVAr Tracker is a music creation tool, a virtual studio with the tracker interface.

  • Compatibility with thousands of virtual instruments – can load VST, VSTi, and DirectX DMO plug-ins.
  • Integrated sampler. Support for up to 15 typical tracker effects:
    Note/channel stereo pan, stereo shift, volume tremolo, volume slide up/down,
    frequency shift up/down, pitch set
    Note delay, reverse, chord play, vibrato, resonance filter,
    Note retrig (2 types), glide, panbrello
    Sample offset (2 types), sample zone selector
  • All internal operations are 32-bit floating point, except calculations requiring 64-bit floating-point precision.
  • Can import the following types of song modules:
    , Impulse Tracker module
    , Fast Tracker 2 module
    , Scream Tracker module
    , ProTracker module
    , MIDI file

    and others: rmi, amf, ams, 669, dbm, dmf, dsm, far, mdl, med, mt2, mtm, okt, psm, ptm, ult, umx.
  • DirectX wave and MIDI driver output.
  • Renders wave file (PCM16 PCM32 FLOAT32 at 22100-196000 Hz).
  • Standard Windows interface