VeeTrebleBooster is a treble booster. It is a classic guitar effect, used in 60's and 70's to overdrive amps in order to create a more focused and saturated tone.

It was (and still is) used by many guitarists, including Tony Iommi, Brian May, Ritchie Blackmore, Rory Gallagher, Marc Bolan. Though made obsolete by OD pedals and plain boosters, treble boosters still are a go-to choice whenever you need that extra “juice” and mid-range “punch” to help your sparkling, screaming solo cut through a dense mix.

The VeeTrebleBooster is loosely based on classic boosters like Dallas Rangemaster but instead of odd harmonics, it adds more pleasant tube harmonics, has steeper EQ curves and does not cut out bottom and hi frequencies (so it can be used for bass guitar too).

Operations: press the LED button to turn the unit on (can be automated). Use before overdriven amp sims.

(1.3 Mb)

  V 1.0